The work plan for SUD’EAU 2 is comprised of 5 groups of tasks (GT):

  • GT1 – Project management and coordination: Work involving strategic coordination, finance and technical aspects of the project. Including the exchange of experiences between the south- western European regions in relation to the management of the integrated water cycle, especially taking into account the relevance of activities related to the involvement of local organisations and the local population.
  • GT2 – Local and regional common methodology and tools for the sustainable management of water and rivers: The identification and diffusion of European, regional and local best practices which follow the methodology of the integrated management of water and rivers. The creation of a web application for external consultation of selected best practices.
  • GT3 – The development of experiences of reference of participative water and river management and validation of the tools and methodology GT2: Development of actions which have been nominated as experiences of reference due to being innovative and transferable to other municipals and regions in south –west Europe. Creation of a practical application known as the toolbox, which incorporates a variety of tools for the design, evaluation and classification of methodologies for the management of water and river systems.
  • GT4 – Project evaluation and monitoring Internal and external evaluation of project development.
  • GT5 – Publicity, Information and Capitalization The creation of a network dedicated to the sustainable management of water: a cluster of organisations of SUD’EAU2. The development of communication tools: Internet, exhibitions and newsletter.